Why is this site called Vega in the Lyre?

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked the stars. She liked to stand outside and look at them all year round, even when it was very cold. She liked them so much she wanted to own them, so she got a big book off the shelf in her house and tried to learn the names of all the constellations and the most important stars. She learned a lot.

One of the constellations she learned was called the Lyre. Its brightest star was called Vega.

Later, this girl went away to college. Sometimes the girl felt lonely and different from the people at her school. She thought a lot about things that many people didn’t seem to think about. Gradually, the girl forgot the names of a lot of the stars, but she always remembered Vega in the Lyre. It was a bright star in a constellation most people had never heard of. But she knew it, and she saw it when she looked up at the sky, and it comforted her. It reminded her that not everyone notices the beautiful things, but they are there for those with eyes to see.

One day the girl wrote a poem, and it went like this:

Your reserve
And steady eyes
Together serve
To make me wise—

Inside, you too
Burn with fire
As cold and blue
As Vega in the Lyre.

And that is why this site is called Vega in the Lyre.